Homeopathic tips by Prof. LM Khan

  • Abusing, scolding –  Chin. Lyc.
  • When given in early stages Aconite in action  of herpes zoster –   Staphylococ.
  • Affections of the brain in children with catarrhal fever; difficult dentition or exophthalmic disease –   Cupr. Met.
  • After hard labour, if some degree of cerebral hemorrhage  - Lach.
Homeopathic Tricks and Tips
Homeopathic Tricks and Tips

  • All types of changeability, which are not covered by drugs, hard changeability  - Carcinocin
  • Allergic reaction (specially skin) to antibiotics   –  Sulph.
  • Sweat with dryness alternate of the skin-   Apis
  • Amelioration in all complaints by lying down  -   Manganum
  • Anaemia in pregnancy –      Ferr. met.
  • Asthma agg. in foggy weather  -    Hypericum
  • From the birth time with no relevant symptom in asthma  – Syph.
  • Asthma from the time of puberty –   Puls.
  • Asthma appeared by repeated viral and bacterial infections –  Carcinocin
  • Asthma with craving for biscuits –   Plumb. met.

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